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Why You Need a Plumbing Inspection

Most products you will use throughout your lifetime will need some sort of maintenance. Whether it’s your roof, or something smaller like your appliances, your plumbing system is no different. As a homeowner, it can be easy to overlook all the moving parts in our house, that is until they break down. Just like your heating and air conditioning units, your plumbing system should have regular inspections. This will keep systems running smoothly and help you to avoid unexpected, and sometimes quite costly, repairs. By using a professional plumber and having an inspection of your plumbing, they will be able to  alert you to a potential issue thereby saving you stress, and costly, extensive repairs. If you experience any of these common issues, consulting a plumber is likely the easiest way to resolve the issue:

  • Faucet not working as it should
  • Water bill increases drastically
  • Hot Water not lasting as long as it should

What To Expect

During a plumbing inspection a professional plumber will perform a complete evaluation of your home plumbing system. Anything that touches or drains water should be inspected. Anywhere water runs through your house will be checked. Your faucets, sinks, toilets, shower and tubs, supply lines, drains, piping, garbage disposal lines and unit, dishwasher, water heater, washing machine hoses and lines, and pipes will be checked. They will check for cracks, leaks, and loose fittings alleviating the need for more expensive repairs later. They will check the condition and age of your hot water heater and look for any leaks and for any sediment buildup and check the temperature and pressure valve. They will inspect your main sewer line for tree roots, sludge build up, foreign objects, cracks and offset or bad joints that can all be potential problems, that can be avoided with a plumbing inspection.

After Your Plumbing Inspection

Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will provide you with their findings, such as any small leaks that were fixed on the spot or a recommendation for a new water heater due to age and inefficiency. They will discuss with you any repair and replacement options and the urgency of them.

If any big issues were found or if you plan on upgrading any equipment, be prepared to schedule a time for the plumber to come back. You’ll want to know if the repairs or replacements need to be addressed immediately, or in a few weeks or even months.

Even if the plumbing inspection doesn’t reveal any critical issues, it can help you decide on whether to upgrade some plumbing equipment, like your toilets and hot water heater. They can discuss with you the latest energy-efficient options.

Keep in mind that even though you’ve had a plumbing inspection now, other plumbing problems could come up before your next inspection. Pay attention to the performance of your faucets and fixtures and if you notice any issues, call your plumber. And, most importantly, be sure to keep up with routine plumbing maintenance by having your plumber come out at least once a year to inspect your system.

We Can Help

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